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Science-based platform
We created a science-based, credential-backed platform: to help more of us build healthy habits for the long haul.  Our focus: providing holistic, all-in-one care to address the many ways gut health impacts each individual on a personal level.
Online nutrition consultation
A platform designed to challenge diet culture and reinvent personal nutrition to be accessible and affordable for all, to modernize the space by connecting clients with nutrition experts to create a custom plan tailored to their preferences, habits, and concerns. 
A developed workout and nutrition program 
Each interactive activity includes content, infographics, quizzes, open-ended questions, diaries, scales, and tests, to make sure you’re getting the most and feeling all the support on your wellness way.

Customization Like Never Before

Program is our first ever where every person gets their own unique plan. After you join IO, we’ll ask you a series of questions, then our nutrition and behavior change scientists design your specific program. 
Dealing with psychological problems
Breakdowns and
An individual approach
And a selection
of nutritional supplements
Let's describe your analyses
Hormonal issues
Don't buy everything
Select your
dietary supplements
Online workouts
Nutritionist consultation
Individual program
Check ups
Vitamin test
Allergen analysis

How does it work?

Take our quiz 
We’ll ask you a series of questions, then our nutrition and behavior change scientists design your specific program. 

Match to your Nutrition Coach 
Daily 1-on-1 support, you’ll make progress on a custom plan.

Start a conversation
Stick to your personalized plan with ongoing support from your Nutrition Coach.

Control the process
Our platform allows members to gratitude journal, mood track, set goals, and join weekly video sessions and community events focused on your mental and physical health. 


We change and save lives

IO offers a science-based habit-building approach, personalized meal planning, personal program, and daily communication through its community of nutritionists, certified health coaches and registered dietitians.
Healthy habits make a big difference. Behavioral tools in the platform to take actions everyday to feel better from the inside out. From breaking bad habits to forming new healthy ones, we customize recommendations based on real life..
No two people are alike.Through our personalized intake survey, members get a tailored experience based on their specific symptoms, conditions and concerns.
Mental health and quality of life can be impacted when digestive health is in trouble. Stress and anxiety may even make digestive symptoms worse. Our health coaches are trained to talk out concerns and provide healthy support.

Bring IO to your workplace

1000 hours
After the first consultation
With an average work experience
of 5 years 

Why employers choose IO


Something for everyone 
Our proprietary technology screens for over 10  health conditions, and uses data and machine-learning to match every individual to their own personalized care plan.
High-touch care navigation for every member 
Navigating benefits and finding care should be easy. Our Care Navigators serve as guides to our members, providing emotional support, recommendations, and referrals to other benefits within your ecosystem.
Success Stories
Start the test and see for yourself. We create for you the opportunity not only to choose, and the convenience of technology, but also to study expert content.
The most diverse, high-quality network for your team 
Our licensed Care Navigators are available through chat, email, video, and phone support.


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