We wake up every day to make personalized nutrition more accessible for all

We are a technological platform that takes responsibility for legal (licensing) and financial document turnover (taxation) so that you can focus on helping customers.

In more than 13 countries we help nutritionists to develop their practice.

We bring clients who are ready to work
We advertise the service, write  articles, hold lectures and maintain social networks. This way, the service gets more clients prepared for therapy, and, therefore, yours too. 
We select according to specialization
People looking for a psychologist register on the site and take a test. The test clarifies their request and suggests suitable psychologists. This is how clients come to you with requests that suit your speciality.
Guaranteed session fees
Clients pay for sessions by bank card from Russia and abroad, money is debited 24 hours before the session, even if the client cancels at the last moment.
Own Platform
Clients select an available entry slot in the psychologist's calendar and confirm the entry, and the psychologist receives notification of a new entry, transfers and cancellations of entries are conducted by email and SMS. 
We take care of all the reporting.
Keeping a practice within the law is laborious. We will close tax and legal issues: we will send a check to the client after payment and provide a contract for client consultation. 
Increasing confidence in the profession
We monitor the satisfaction of  customers based on a special methodology - so we are always sure of the quality of the selection of specialists. Customers trust us, which means they trust you.

The opportunity to receiveincome not only from sessions 

Clients pay for sessions on the platform, if the session is canceled later than 24 hours, you are guaranteed to receive your payment. Earn money from your lectures and nutrition programs, which can be bought by clients who did not come to your session.
Test and interview for determining professional competence, we use it when registering nutritiologist. 
Questions for clients - to clarify the request and select the right nutririologist. 
Matching algorithm by which the service offers clients nutritiollogists with the required specialization 
 Methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of therapy. 
All of these are based on scientific research. Methods tested in the laboratory, and we will improve them as you use them. .
Amanda Wiliams
Head of Research
Lab Advisory Nutritionology

Our mission 

Everyone knows where to find a nutritionist
We want to ensure that finding a proven professional specialist does not turn into a problem, so that people know where to find a nutritionist they can trust. 
Nutritionists do only what they love
We want psychologists not to worry about attracting clients, solving organizational, legal and tax issues, but to be able to focus on their work. 
A Community of Professionals
We create a professional community of nutritionists from completely different areas. This is an opportunity to exchange experiences, do joint projects and get acquainted with new approaches in therapy. 
We are for a comprehensive approach to physical health
Therefore, on our platform there is not only the opportunity to get advice, but also to get a pre-prepared nutrition and training plan, listen to lectures, take a test, and read articles. 


We want customers to choose only among professionals, while you work among worthy colleagues. Therefore, when registering all nutritionists, we ask that they:
Carefully read the requirements for nutritionists 
Pass a proficiency test. This will take about 40 minutes. If necessary, complete an additional interview
Send a scan/photo of their degrees
Attach letters of recommendation and certificates of additional education
scan/photo of  degrees
You can attach scans or photos of diplomas, certificates of basic education and additional education (therapeutic for a long-term program) confirming your qualifications in advance – this will speed up the verification.
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