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How to follow a healthy lifestyle while traveling
Traveling is usually beneficial and brings new experiences, whether it be business trips or holidays with the family. However, trips can also upset the balance of the body, especially if they are long-distance  or business trips with a busy schedule. Read how you can deal with the negative consequences of changing time zones, what to take on the road and the peculiarities of the cuisine of different countries. 
In addition to recipes, recommendations are given on the technology of processing fruits and berries before their direct use in cooking. Also, the publication contains a number of recipes, using which you can replenish your daily diet with very healthy and tasty food. You will be able not only to develop culinary skills, but also to create a truly comfortable atmosphere filled with pleasant aromas right at your home.
According to statistics from the World Health Organization, millions of people die every year from diseases that are associated with unhealthy diets [Noncommunicable diseases, 2018]. The food we eat directly affects our vital functions, well-being and quality of life. Since the time of Hippocrates, only people who are completely indifferent to their health have not thought about the importance of proper nutrition. 
Myths & Facts
Is it harmful to count calories, drone technologies in nutrition, info-gypsies from Instagram, and how do you find your mistakes in a conversation with a specialist and their own? - all of this and even more in our section.
Lifehacks from AIBY
Where did the technology go, what gadgets are needed, how to teach children, which SPAs are harmful, and how to get rid of edema at home, as well as how to keep youthful and look much younger, like you're still 30, even after 30 years.
Success Stories
The success stories of our users and experts. We remind you that AIBY is an ecosystem of health in 9 directions, so we have not only something to share, but also be proud of.
Check-ups and Supplements
The main advantage of a check-up examination is the early, timely diagnosis of many dangerous and even fatal diseases. An example is breast cancer, which, with timely diagnosis, is curable in almost 100% of cases, and early diagnosis of diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system can save your life. The second important advantage is convenience. What tests to take and where is cheaper in our section.
A holistic approach to health and exercise anywhere, even sitting at your desk. For everyone. Fast and effective classes for all levels and even users with limited mobility.

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Strength workout 
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Blue Spirulina Soup
Ideal for lunch, will fill the body with energy for the whole day. 
French Salad
The combination of greens and superfoods will fill your body with macro and micro elements. 
Oat Risotto
A gluten-free lunch will give you vigor and radiance to your skin.  
Personalized body tech system from AIBY Personalized body tech system from AIBY Personalized body tech system from AIBY Personalized body tech system from AIBY Personalized body tech system from AIBY

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